7 Reasons WordPress Is Great

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A closer look at WordPress

WordPress is an incredibly powerful CMS (content management system) that powers over 70 million websites around the world. The most notable sites are the New York Times, CNN and the Rolling Stones. But what makes WordPress the to-go-to platform? Aren’t all sites created equally? First, no – WordPress is created by users for users. While most web companies are primarily motivated by the amount of money they can generate, WordPress was born out open collaboration and made accessible to anyone with an internet connection. Why is it so popular? Simple, it’s free, highly flexible and did we mention it was free?  Created to be an open source project, WordPress is built around a community of dedicated volunteers who are constantly updating the source code.

7 Reasons WordPress is Great:

  1. Open Source: Open source platforms allow users from all walks of life to improve on the design from unique perspectives. This often means that the platform is versatile and effective.
  2. Flexible: With thousands of plug-ins you can take your website or application anywhere – quite literally.
  3. Easy: Users are not required to know HTML or CSS to run the site. The site can be entirely managed without a single line of code.
  4. Control: Users have the ability to quickly download a copy of their WordPress site under the export settings. Should the site ever crash, you’ll rest easy knowing you have a back-up.
  5. Updates: WordPress is constantly improving and evolving. New features that improve navigation and usability are constantly created which gives you, the site-keeper, easier and easier functionality features.
  6. No Coding: That’s right! Not a single line of code necessary to fully run, maintain and update your site.
  7. Support: Because of WordPress’s popularity, tons of forums and sites have been created to up help user’s who might be stuck.

For more information on WordPress, check out the following link.

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