A Letter to Texans in Response to Winter Storm Shirly February 2021

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To the workers who maintain Texas’ power and water systems:

Holy shit. Well – there is nothing like a good old fashioned disaster to realign priorities. I hope all future decisions are based not only on the amount of profit that can be generated but also on the impact such decisions will have on the people. We are rooting for your success. We want you to win because if you win that means we get our power back. Our lives back. We need you to win.  

To the volunteers who are aiding in the distribution of resources:

The true exemplares of what it means to be human. The world is a beautiful place precisely because of people like you. People who courageously face whichever obstacle in the name of kindness and decency and above all – in the name of love for our fellow man. Angels in the flesh. Guardians of justice. How the world shines brighter because of you. Thank you. 

To those stuck without power and water in freezing conditions:

Help is on the way. The world sees you and hears you. There are thousands of brave men and women working in concert to get you back up and running.